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Why Hire A Decorator?

Thank you for your interest and considering decorata!

As an interior decorator, I wear many hats and the profession requires a broad skill set that includes having expertise in many fields including:

  • ergonomics
  • product and material characteristics and application
  • building and construction materials and methods
  • local building code requirements
  • colour and lighting
  • cabinetry construction
  • furniture construction
  • fabric and window covering
  • fixtures - lighting and plumbing
  • finishes - material selection

…as well as a clear understanding of trades such as electrical, plumbing, tiling, gas fitting, flooring

Practical indeed, but equally creative… to make a space pleasing, cohesive, flow and sing in the eyes of the client.  Having the insight and vision as to what a client will love.

Understanding scale, proportions, volume of space, how all of the elements in the mix of a room will combine, where to add details and as important, where to pull back.

Creative.  Concepts. Vision. Imagination. Ideas.  The intangible, abstract, subjective half.

Practical.  Productive. Functional.  The tangible, objective half.

+ add a dash of style interpreter, family councillor, budget wizardry and trades whisperer…

I welcome working with your builder or contractor. I also have a team of professional tradespeople I collaborate with.  We offer a full design service – and 

I feel the biggest challenge clients face is pulling everything together.  They have a sense of what they like or want, but not sure how it will all work together in a cohesive and pleasing way.  “We need help” is reason I hear most often when called.  A large part of design work is also problem solving … where to start, stop, spend, save

I have helped clients who have invested large sums of money into updating their home only to be unhappy with the finished result.  I have also helped clients who intended on selling their home and planned on a little facelift and instead proceeded with a full gut renovation due to my suggestions and recommendations as to how better reconfigure and use the space in their home.  Their home is now somewhere they may live in the rest of their lives.

Sometimes, one good idea is all that is required!

I invite you to visit the projects page, where details of the scope of my services are given for each project.  I hope this may better express the scope of the services offered, rather than a menu list on this page.

Building or renovating can be an intense and overwhelming experience for clients, as there are so many considerations and hundreds of decisions to make along the way.  I would be happy to discuss your home with you and welcome you to email

My profession is service based.  The client goes about their day to day life (or we have had clients go on vacation!) and I plan/schedule/source/order/meet/oversee any and all details required from initial concept to completion.