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Most would agree the kitchen is the heart of the home.  At the same time, it is the one room in the house with the most elements in it.  Aside from making this visually pleasing, there are so many considerations – how do you use your kitchen?  What do you require storage for?  Do you entertain often?   What are the sight-lines from the surrounding spaces? How may we maximize the available natural light?  How do we add softness to so many hard surfaces?  What FEELS GOOD?

A coffee connoisseur has different storage needs than that of a wine aficionado.

A foodie with many jars and bottles of exotic spices has different storage requirements than someone who loves to bake.

A young family with children or a retired couple who travels often – pantry requirements very different.

And we haven’t even started to discuss your preference on cabinet colour, door style and counter material….

So many considerations...

These questions are what good design is all about – how YOU experience YOUR kitchen and home day after day – custom to YOU.  Design is not only visual – although I aim for every project of mine to be timeless – to have relevance in the future that cannot be dated.

As a design consultant and kitchen designer who understands all of the products, materials, decisions and use of space required for such an important part of your home (who previously owned a design/build co that project managed large full gut renovations for clients), here are some recent projects…  more to come

I am working with a local distributor of high quality, 100% Canadian made custom cabinetry.  The Armadio Kitchen team is located in Morgan Creek, South Surrey.

Kitchen Checklist

Kitchen Planning by Sue Womersley – 

if you are designing a kitchen for the first time – these are the basics you need to know to make an informed decision

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