Additional Information

With over thirty years in design related profession, I believe I bring multi-faceted experience, vast knowledge, client relations skills, and professional integrity to this role.

I have both creative skills, as well as practical skills, required for design. What good is design if it cannot be implemented?

I have a great interest in the psychological impact of person’s surroundings. I do believe in the positive effect loving your surroundings will have, and the reverse to also be true. I want to lead you to love your surroundings, which is unique to each person as to what that is.

The subjective, intangible vision and imagination to achieving a space that is pleasing, flows and sings in the eyes of the client. How the room will feel, how the client will experience the space. Having the insight as to what a client will love. The objective, tangible skills of organization, planning, budgeting and productivity to implement a project. Understanding The Process to achieve the goal.

I love to focus on the kitchen – with so many components and considerations in one space – like a giant jigsaw – use of space, finishes – and how to make it best suit the people who will enjoy it.  I am pleased to be working with a locally made cabinetry millwork manufacturer.

I have the fortitude to see a project through from concept to completion, and the ability to problem solve issues that arise. I excel at client relations, with effort and dedication, and go the extra mile for them, and am proud that I have many happy clients. I enjoy and maintain positive relationships with my team and collaborators, such as suppliers, installers and other professionals.”  Sue Womersley