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Kitchen Planning by Sue Womersley – kitchen sinks

if you are designing a kitchen for the first time – these are the basics you need to know to make an informed decision


Strong personal preference here determines your size, style and material of sink.


  • single bowl | single + quarter or third or half | double bowl
  • high/low A sink configuration with differing basin depths.
  • low divide – divide between both sinks half height to accommodate larger items
  • Confirm your sink cabinet allowance to the sink specs to ensure fit.


  • top mount | under mount | farmhouse | wall mount | trough


Stainless Steel

  • 18 gauge stainless steel is typically an 18/10 chrome/nickel content for lustre, durability, strength
  • precision corners in zero radius, 10 mm + 15 mm radius
  • resistant to stain acid, easy care | hygienic
  • Stain-less does not mean stain free.


  • natural granite composite
  • variety of colours
  • resistant to heat, scratches, impact | non porous | hygienic

Vitreous China + Fireclay

  • Fireclay sinks are made from a clay base that is fired at an intense heat to vitrify the clay and fuse the glaze. The result is a durable sink with a nonporous, glossy finish. Vitreous china plumbing fixtures are comprised of ceramic materials fired at a high temperature to form a nonporous body with exposed surfaces coated with ceramic glaze fused to the body.
  • variety of colours
  • Due to the process and nature of china or clay, sink must be on site due to slight variation in size from heating process, not precision
  • May stain or scratch or dull, particularly in lower quality

Enamelled Cast Iron

  • A powder coating, usually a combination of clay, quartz, feldspar, silica and color pigments, applied to an iron casting. When exposed to high temperatures, the coating melts and fuses to the casting, creating a glass-like surface.
  • variety of colours
  • May stain or scratch or chip, particularly in lower quality

Installation type

  • wall mount
  • trough sink


  • bottom rack | cutting board | colander | wash bin |


Other sinks

  • bar sink | prep sink |


  • sound absorption technology for stainless steel

My name is Sue Womersley, a designer of Interiors + Cabinetry in White Rock BC.

I work with Armadio Kitchens in Morgan Creek, South Surrey and Cambie Street, Vancouver  and would be happy to meet at the showroom to discuss your dreams for your kitchen.